Salming Hawk Blade Bio Power

Lev. varenr. 1118316B-202 GunMetal
Produsent: Salming

kr 350,00
kr 280,00

Hawk is power without compromising playing characteristics. The development process has featured several of Salmings most notorious floorball ambassadors in order to find a blade design that delivers from the start. To put it short, you should be able to pick the stick from the store shelf and go straight to the court and deliver.

The blade material is Salmings unique BioPower™ - the choice of Mr Sundstedt and Nilsberth, a powerful compound which consists of 96% biobased content (sugar cane). Salming BioPower™ - a Force of Nature!

Quote Robin Nilsberth, Swedish National Team, Storvreta IBK 
”Hawk is a magnificent and contemporary update of my favourite blade - the Salming Q2. This is a slimmer and more agile blade compared to the Q2 but still with that power and balance I love

” Quote Rasmus, Swedish National Team, HC Rychenberg “ 
Being a great fan of Salmings Q2 blade and having many successful seasons on the court with it, changing blade is never easy" Rasmus says and continues, ”The greatest difference is the slimmer construction and the agility of the blade, not to mention how cool it looks”